Welcome to the vast online world of Legends!
In a world of graphics-intensive MMORPGS and expensive memberships, Legends is like a breath of fresh air. Primarily text-based, the game focuses on character advancement, ease of gameplay, and (above all) community.

New friendships come easily with the in-game guild system, which helps more experienced players mentor new members. A complex system of trading and the city Marketplace lets players get exactly what they want. Battles are always taking place between players, monsters, and even entire guilds!

For those of you wanting a little more info before applying yourself here are some pointers:
Legends has well thought out functionalities and balanced game mechanics. The game is ever evolving, taking members' input into account. Legends offers:
  • an interactive map with hundreds of islands (move your character around the map and fight monsters or other players),
  • a select group of guilds (each striving for the monthly trophy and the best members),
  • an active chat (with search and whisper functionality amongst others),
  • a comprehensive message board (with easy navigation and usability),
  • a great comunity of players who all love legends and are eager to help newcomers,
  • much much more... you'll have to see for yourself,
You can take a peek at legends with the trial user. To do this use the following username/password on the login page:

       login name: trial
       password : trial

One of our respected members, Toxox (197), has dedicated some time to writing a thorough tutorial for Legends, available here: http://tox.unimaas.nl/games/legendsrpg.htm

When you decide to join Legends, it is important that you log in within one week of signing up. After this you will have to log in once a month to maintain your active status or be deleted. When playing the game, you can expect to log in at least once a day, but it goes without saying that the more you're logged in, the more people you will get to know!

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